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CentralApp has demonstrated user preference for both programs and applicants in published, peer-reviewed literature.
Our journey
Journey Of The Plastic Surgery Common Application (PSCA)
Creating the PSCA 1.0
A proof of concept
The Residency Central Application began as a proof-of-concept within Plastic Surgery. The application, modeled from the NIH biosketch, was carefully crafted to focus on the most significant experiences, condensing the application content. Our free pilot application had 20 (24%) participating programs and received 181 applications.
Getting Feedback
Critical feedback from medical students and reviewers
A follow-up survey demonstrated that reviewers and programs had positive experiences with the PSCA in most domains. Applicants felt that while the REDCAP software was not user friendly, and wanted to showcase more of their application, both reviewers and applicants felt that the PSCA could replace ERAS.
Overall: This was a great pilot for what should be the norm in the residency application process
2021 Applicant
A Specialty-Wide Pilot
Supported by the American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons (ACAPS)
In 2021, we went back to the drawing board. We had proven that this could work, but we needed better software. We tried an off-the-shelf product and had nearly full specialty participation with 82/86 programs accepting the PSCA and 12 programs removing themselves from ERAS entirely.
Gaining Support in Plastic Surgery
Applicant’s & Reviewer’s Appreciation For Us
We had 336 completed applications, and following this pilot, 80% of applicants supported moving forward with the PSCA ONLY in future cycles.
Creating Learner Centric Applications
We Wanted To Do More

Despite our positive feedback, we weren’t yet satisfied. We realized that there was not an off-the-shelf product that was going to fully meet our needs. We formally crafted our team, hiring software developers, designers, and support staff – forming Learner Centric Applications and built our own product from the ground up.

Building Our Own System
Using years of experience

This application was crafted using feedback from both pilots, remained completely free to applicants, and offered features not available in ERAS. We continued with a majority of plastic surgery programs, and had over 25% of programs accept the PSCA ONLY.

$180,000 of applicant dollars saved

Where we are now
Breaking barriers
After several years of piloting within plastic surgery, we have created a successful application platform that not only improves the content of the application and the review process for programs, but also cuts applicants costs by >95%. The newly named Plastic Surgery Central Application (PSCA) is now accepted as the ONLY application by the majority of plastic surgery programs.
Expanding the Central Application
Moving beyond Plastic Surgery
This year, the CentralApp is offering pilot applications in Anesthesiology, Urology, Emergency Medicine, and Neurology!


Our Proof Is In The User Experience!

"Total time spent reviewing applicants was about 1/3 compared to ERAS times. We matched our three spots in our top 5. That has never been the case before."

On Efficiency

"From a DEI perspective, you have more data points for holistic review. It's honestly a far superior platform for that."

On Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)


A residency application service focused on improving equity by removing financial barriers and emphasizing holistic review.

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