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About Us

Why did we create the Central App?

The average residency applicant spends nearly $2000 on residency fees each year. This amounts to over $100 million in application fees from medical students annually.

Our primary focus is creating equity in residency selection by eliminating financial barriers and promoting holistic review.

CentralApp was created for the learners, who have shouldered the financial burden of UME to GME transition. It was also designed to improve the review process, by focusing on quality over quantity application content -- designed for individual programs and specialties

Quality over Quantity

App Is Designed To Focus On Meaningful Content

Quality over Quantity

App Is Designed To Focus On Meaningful Content

Our output was carefully crafted to be easy-to-read.

Shortening the output to 4-5 pages cutting review time by 80%.

Developed by program directors and chairs who have reviewed thousands of applications.

Completely customizable content by specialty.

Progressive fee structures do not limit over-application -- as evidenced by increasing numbers of applications across specialties. Meanwhile, progressive fee structures create financial barriers that are fundamentally inequitable.


Demonstrated User Preference In Published Literature

Cordero, Justin J et al. “Comparative Evaluation of the Electronic Residency Application Service Versus the Plastic Surgery Common Application to a Single Institution in the 2022 Integrated Plastic Surgery Match.”

Annals of plastic surgery

vol. 90,4 (2023): 363-365

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Shih, Sabrina et al. “Applicant Perspective on the Plastic Surgery Common Application (PSCA): A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the 2021-2022 National Residency Matching Program Applicant Pool.”

Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS

vol. 79 (2023): 30-32

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Our focus

Delivering Features That Enhance Holistic Review

Cost Savings - 95% cost reduction!

CentralApp slashes application expenses by over 95%.

Completely Customizable

Fully customizable application content and format, each program can tailor the process to fit its unique needs.

Quality over Quantity

Emphasizes meaningful content by streamlining the application into roughly four concise pages, enabling both parties to concentrate on what truly matters.

why choose us

Why You Should Choose The Residency Central Application?

As leaders in medical education ourselves, we have unique experience in understanding what tools are needed, and we are invested in developing them with integrity.

Improving equity residency selection by removing financial barriers and promoting holistic review
Developed with years of piloting experience in Plastic Surgery
100% customizable application content and format, ensuring every program can tailor the process.


Our Proof Is In The User Experience!

"Total time spent reviewing applicants was about 1/3 compared to ERAS times. We matched our three spots in our top 5. That has never been the case before."

On Efficiency

"From a DEI perspective, you have more data points for holistic review. It's honestly a far superior platform for that."

On Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Frequently Asked Questions
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“There’s a better way to do it - Find it.”
Thomas Edison

A residency application service focused on improving equity by removing financial barriers and emphasizing holistic review.

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